About Me

Welcome to my blogworld! My name is Debbie but on the internet I am known as Grayiiiis. I would love to share a little bit about who I am with you. I am a firm believer that a photography should tell a story, it needs to bring you back to that moment in time and stir an emotion inside of you. When I look at photographys of my own children I am reminded of the moment that it was taken, every details comes flowing back. Thats what I want for you to experience when you look at my art.
I am a pretty easy going photographer I want you to know when you work with me you are not working with a cookie cutter photographer, I want you to walk away saying, "That was fun!" When you look at your finished masterpiece I want it to bring you back to that very moment and I want it to make your heart smile with joy. I have a studio and we can and will use my studio from time to time if the situation calls for it but I also want to bring all of the wonders of nature and our beautiful surroundings into your works of art.
If you feel I would be the photographer to meet the needs of you and your family please don't hesitate to contact me for a consultation at remembermestudio@gmail.com.
I look forward to meeting you and capturing your special moments!