OT...not about photography

Well today I went to see the neurologist about my back. Wow what a day. Got there at 11:15 AM just like I was told and ended up sitting there until 12:30 PM. Got back in the back sat there for under 10 minutes! Woohoo! So he checks my records, talks to me and checks my back, my hip and my neck. We go and look at my pictures of the most current MRI. He shows me the bulging disk and two places that there is leakage in my spinal column. So I am like okkkkkkkkkkk and this means what. So we talk and he explains that I am going to start epidural shots in my back. I have to go and get another MRI but this time it is going to be on my neck and I am going to have to go back to Dr. Stanton to get my hip looked at. So he thinks something is pinching my spinal cord and causing the neck pain and the numbness in my hands. I have to go see Dr. Stanton because he wants him to look at my hip and decide if I need surgery to correct the problem. We are going to try the epidural shots in my back before we discuss surgery. So long story short. I may or may not have surgery on my back this is to be discussed at a later date, I may or may not have surgery on my hip this is to be discussed at a later date and we will look at the MRI of my neck and decide if I need to have spinal surgery to relieve the pressure. So I don't know much more than I did when I woke up this morning other than now spinal surgery MAY be in future :( Well I will write more after I have had some time to digest this a bit and talk to Wayne. He always makes things better and helps me to be objective when I need to be!


Wow what a day!

Well the last few days I have taken several pictures of one of my sons and my daughter, now I just have to edit them...Ugh ya know how you hate going to the dentist? Well I fell that way when it comes to editing sometimes! My biggest problem right now is getting my dumb watermark to work right! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it is to the point of me wanting to throw the laptop, if it didn't cost so much I might actually do it! Editing isn't so much hard as it is time consuming, why can't we just take pictures and they come out PERFECT! HAHA! well sometimes they do and sometimes they don't and I do NOT want any of my pictures getting out into the real world until I have had my grubby paws on them making them JUST RIGHT! Hey thats my name and rear on the line ya know! I read someone post on cafemom that you have to set standards and you shouldn't settle for anything less well ya know what she was right! Welp I am off to play with this pesky watermark and see what I can pull off! As always keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times but as always ENJOY THE RIDE!


Lights, camera, ACTION!

LOL, had anyone told me almost a year ago what all was involved in creating the "PERFECT" picture I would have never believed them. Turn this way, oh tilt your head this way, ohhh almost perfect, wait no there is a glare, oh shoot there is a hot spot. LOL are ya following me here. It can be so crazy at times but, when you see that "perfect" picture it was sooooooooooo worth it!

What do I hope to accomplish with my art? I want the world to look at my creations and say "Oh my goodness" I want to take a simple shot and turn it into a Masterpiece! Some people may not understand and think what could be so hard about taking pictures, you just point the camera and hit the button, Right?

Well along my journey you will discover there is sooooooo much more. So sit back, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, and most of all Enjoy your ride with me!