Wowsers this has been a BUSY month....I have been super busy building my portfolio. I have had 4 shoots this month...not bad for finally taking the big PLUNGE! I can only cross my fingers that it gets better! I have a second wedding shoot that I am excited about it isn't until Oct but I am stoked about it. I have posted some of my shoots in my galleries so if you want to take a peak be my guest :)

Welp I got the go ahead from hubby that it was a go for me to start working towards buying the big daddy of my collection of DSLR's :) I am way excited! Though it does mean my baby the Sony A200 will have to take a back seat to my new Canon :) I am hoping that by the time I do this next wedding I have it in my grubby little paws :) Now don't get me wrong I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Sony but WOWSERS the lens are WAY more then I bargained for in the price department. Yeah, yeah I know your thinking, Hello, ya get what ya pay for. Well this is true but I am just starting out so I need something that is gonna not break the bank lol. My Sony will always be my #1 baby I just need to be realistic here ya know.

Well guys! I am off to do some domestic engineering stuff so until I tap the keys again keep it real and stay tuned! Ya never know when I will jump back on and post something pretty cool :)


Hey guys! Sorry it has been a few days since I posted last, things have been super busy! I wanted to take a moment and give credit where it is due! A wonderful lady named Sally Jean *aka* SJ worked very hard with me to design this site. She did all the hard work in making this site as AWESOME as it is. If you like the site and you are interested in having one built for you she is definitely the designer to go to. She took my unspoken thoughts and made them what you see. Super easy to work with and as you can see a butt kickin designer :) Here is the link to her site..... http://cysdesigns.blogspot.com/ check her out. I do want to throw this disclaimer in here she did not ask for me to do this I just believe that when someone does something outstanding they need to be acknowledged so big high five to my favorite designer :) YOU ROCK!

Meet the Mitchell family. Mom (Amy), Dad (Lonny), Kenny, Ruby and Pearl!

Hey everyone! Well we made it through and I am happy to say that I am extremely pleased with how they all came out :) Sunday was the family shoot in studio and Monday was the family shoot outdoors. The studio shoot went just as I had expected but the outdoor shoot was a bit on the humid side to say the least. The kids were amazing and real troopers.
The rest of the shoot can be seen by going to my galleries and looking under Children/Families.

Busy Weekend!

Well, I have 5 days off and most of it is spoken for lol. My baby girl graduates tomorrow and I am so excited for her! She has worked so hard for this...I am SO PROUD of her :) A year ago we were wondering if it was going to happen and she pulled it off with flying colors!

Sunday I have a photo shoot with my sister and her family. I am nervious as all get out and excited at the same time :) I think I mostly want her to have fun and to see that I can do this.

On a different note I have found a online school that I am interested in for photography. I can work on my BA in photography! How cool is that! I am thinking about it...now comes the fun part talking to Wayne about it...I dunno we will see.

Well it is getting late and I have such a busy day so I am going to close and update everyone soon! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

Got my CS4

WOOOOHOOOO! One of a photographers biggest dreams and biggest items on thier wishlist is to get a butt kicking editing software and if you know anything about editing software you will know that CS4 is the BOMB! Well if you go buy the extended version (the one with all the bells and whistles) it will run over $1000.00. Umm NO! So I have been watching E-bay! OMG it is my best friend lately! I should get discounts with as much money as I spend on there. Well I found CS4 for $75.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is legit! I have it in my grubby paws :) It is all loaded in my computer and purrs like a finely oiled machine! It is MINE! Never opened full blown kick butt all the way CS4!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night I spend half the night editing and playing with actions. I just love me some good actions :) LOL that sounded pretty bad huh? Tonight I will load some of my edits here in this post just to show you some of the things you can do with CS4. Well I have to go and act like an adult now and go earn my paycheck! Catch everyone on the flip!!!!!!!!!!

What's ahead...

I made it through my first one year old shoot with FLYING colors! Next shoot is on Sunday. My first family shoot. Little bit nervous and a whole lot excited!
One of the things that I pride myself in is being able to make a shoot fun for the person or persons in front of the camera so I am hoping that I can make this fun for them, an experience that they can't get from going to some place like Wal-mart.
I am hoping before the end of the week I have my next shoot scheduled. Things seem to be moving along really well and so far everyone that I have done shoots for has been extremely happy with my work. Woohoo!
Well, I know this is short tonight but it has been a long day and going to be a long couple of days ahead so I will close for the night and try to update more tomorrow! Take care all!

First 1yr old shoot!

Well the day has finally came! I am shooting (lol doesn't that sound bad!) a one year old in less than half an hour! How hard can this be????? Did I just say that hmmm....well I will make sure to let you know and I will most definitely post some teasers :) I am just beside myself right now! Wish me luck!
Well I survived! This is Nevaeh! She is a little wiggle worm. She was so much fun to photograph.
Her favorite word was Uh Oh! And she loved to dance!