Wowsers this has been a BUSY month....I have been super busy building my portfolio. I have had 4 shoots this month...not bad for finally taking the big PLUNGE! I can only cross my fingers that it gets better! I have a second wedding shoot that I am excited about it isn't until Oct but I am stoked about it. I have posted some of my shoots in my galleries so if you want to take a peak be my guest :)

Welp I got the go ahead from hubby that it was a go for me to start working towards buying the big daddy of my collection of DSLR's :) I am way excited! Though it does mean my baby the Sony A200 will have to take a back seat to my new Canon :) I am hoping that by the time I do this next wedding I have it in my grubby little paws :) Now don't get me wrong I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Sony but WOWSERS the lens are WAY more then I bargained for in the price department. Yeah, yeah I know your thinking, Hello, ya get what ya pay for. Well this is true but I am just starting out so I need something that is gonna not break the bank lol. My Sony will always be my #1 baby I just need to be realistic here ya know.

Well guys! I am off to do some domestic engineering stuff so until I tap the keys again keep it real and stay tuned! Ya never know when I will jump back on and post something pretty cool :)

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