Got my CS4

WOOOOHOOOO! One of a photographers biggest dreams and biggest items on thier wishlist is to get a butt kicking editing software and if you know anything about editing software you will know that CS4 is the BOMB! Well if you go buy the extended version (the one with all the bells and whistles) it will run over $1000.00. Umm NO! So I have been watching E-bay! OMG it is my best friend lately! I should get discounts with as much money as I spend on there. Well I found CS4 for $75.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is legit! I have it in my grubby paws :) It is all loaded in my computer and purrs like a finely oiled machine! It is MINE! Never opened full blown kick butt all the way CS4!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night I spend half the night editing and playing with actions. I just love me some good actions :) LOL that sounded pretty bad huh? Tonight I will load some of my edits here in this post just to show you some of the things you can do with CS4. Well I have to go and act like an adult now and go earn my paycheck! Catch everyone on the flip!!!!!!!!!!


SJ Styles said...

So much FUN when you get new TOYS :)

Danielle McCann Photography said...

WOOHOOO!! That was like the best deal ever. SERIOUSLY. You can't get any better unless you pirate the thing. hahaha

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