Busy Weekend!

Well, I have 5 days off and most of it is spoken for lol. My baby girl graduates tomorrow and I am so excited for her! She has worked so hard for this...I am SO PROUD of her :) A year ago we were wondering if it was going to happen and she pulled it off with flying colors!

Sunday I have a photo shoot with my sister and her family. I am nervious as all get out and excited at the same time :) I think I mostly want her to have fun and to see that I can do this.

On a different note I have found a online school that I am interested in for photography. I can work on my BA in photography! How cool is that! I am thinking about it...now comes the fun part talking to Wayne about it...I dunno we will see.

Well it is getting late and I have such a busy day so I am going to close and update everyone soon! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

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